Hydra map GREECE – Detailed map of Hydra island

welcome to the island of Hydra – GREECE

Hydra island, Greece, one of the most un-spoiled and interesting of the Greek islands, is a small rocky island in the Argo Saronic Gulf, south east out of the Athens port of Piraeus and within sight of the southern Peloponnese mainland. It’s very cosmopolitan, safe and one of the easiest of the Greek islands to get to. Best of all, the entire island is a preserved national monument and has retained all its 17th & 18th century charm and quaintness. As there are no motorized vehicles, it really does have a feel of being left untouched by the modern world although you will find all the ‘real world’ conveniences. Hydra island’s history and culture are evident wherever you look. The architecture and social structure reflects centuries of external influence creating the diverse, proud and highly individual Greek island of today.

Hydra map
From the ruins of Episcopi, the mansions of the main town – many having been converted into hotels – to the numerous chapels, churches and monasteries, every building has a story to tell.
So what can you do on Hydra? There are lots of things to do in Hydra – this little Greek island of Hydra isn’t one of those places that has the capacity let alone the will to offer a huge range of recreational centres. Recreation on the island tends to be more of a social pastime with gatherings of people meeting at the beach, in the restaurants and tavernas or walking around the island admiring the views, the archtecture and enjoying the picturesqueness of the place. Bring your camera or your sketch book and pens because you’ll find lots to inspire you. Enjoy the red, pink, golden or purple sunsets. Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to recharge your batteries.

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