Detailed map of Folegandros, Greece !!

Folegandros island map – attactions, towns, villages, roads, streets and beaches !!

The small Island of Folegandros (32 km.?, 600 inhabitants), has become fashionable, but it is still an untouched piece of true Greece. On account of the simple and relaxing atmosphere that reigns all around Folegandros island we like to distinguish it as the “island of Peace”. Its three small villages, Karavostasi (the port), the Chora and Ano Meria are connected by a paved road.

Take a look at our static and interactive Google map, showing major places in Folegandros island and providing regional travel information.
We’ve highlighted the most well-known villages, towns and beaches using pointers. Don’t forget to drag the map around and zoom in to see places in more detail – and to use street-view also !!

Folegandros map
Printable and Downloadable Folegandros map (Greece) island showing the best places to visit.

What catches the eye immediately is the endless series of “dry-placed” walls that have been erected over the centuries by the inhabitants to create terraces on the sunny slopes of the territory to be able to raise cereals. The Chora, closed to car and motorcycle traffic, has a unique “center” of three squares in a row, with trees under which to enjoy a drink or food in a quiet, romantic atmosphere. In the gentle breeze passing through the small streets you may feel the perfume of lime trees or of the local (exceptional) bread.
Bougainvillea and hibiscus color the small wooden balconies around the Kastro (XIII century). The church of Panaghia , on the top of a hill, offers a nice walk and a magnificent view of the Chora and of the west coast. The village of Ano Meria is spread over cultivated fields and “dry-placed” walls and has typical “kafeneio” and taverns. It has also a Folkloristic Museum, open from 10 to 18.
Folegandros island has a perimeter of 40 km. with a variety of beaches mostly reached on foot. According to the myth the name comes from a Phenician word which means rocky mountain. The mild touristic development of the last couple of decades has allowed Folegandros to acquire the infrastructure required for modern, organized facilities and services, while at the same time managed to preserve its own, special character.

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